“Get me outta here!” Silent Movie People Make a Run for It

Wanna get away? The notion is not a new one. Today, we’re going to be looking at silent movie characters who choose to withdraw.

As always, I will be linking to the sources of the GIFs.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were true co-stars for the first time in Duck Soup, which they later remade as Another Fine Mess. (I review both films here.) In this case, they are on the run from the Department of Forestry and steal a bicycle built for one.

Run away! The lead characters of The Palace of the Arabian Nights make a run for it. Isn’t the hand-coloring scrumptious?

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Leatrice Joy is outta there in Eve’s Leaves, an exceptionally goofy action/comedy/romance from DeMille’s production team.

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I get such a kick out of Chester Barnett’s character intro in The Wishing Ring. Truth be told, I get a kick out of just about everything in The Wishing Ring.

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In Sparrows, Mary Pickford is just gonna disappear into the field, okay? Shh!

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