Awkward, Weird & Passive-Aggressive Kisses of the Silent Era

Oh sure, we could get all Garbo-Gilbert smoochy-smoochy but where’s the fun in that? Let’s hear it for the kisses that didn’t quite work out as at least one of the participants intended.

As always, I will link to the source of the GIF for your viewing convenience.

Gladys Hulette plays a nicotine-drenches and slightly sadistic fairy in Princess Nicotine and she’s not afraid to mock her victim with a kiss.

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Relations between their characters may have been cool in Way Down East but Richard Barthelmess and Mary Hay found one another much more agreeable in real life– they married in 1920.

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Another real-life couple playing coy on the screen, Gene Gauntier and Jack Clark play Irish rebels in For Ireland’s Sake.

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Well, you have to admit that it’s a pretty weird request when you put it like that. This is from Aelita, Queen of Mars, a smashing sci-fi/social drama mashup.

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Little Ynez Seabury ain’t taking no for an answer in The Sunbeam, one of the better “sweet kid melts hearts, changes lives” films of the nickelodeon era. Claire McDowell is Ynez’s project and the target of her tossed kiss.

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Life hack for Leatrice Joy: People are usually more enthusiastic about kissing when they aren’t kidnapped and tied to a post. William Boyd is game as the dude in distress of Eve’s Leaves.

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10 Replies to “Awkward, Weird & Passive-Aggressive Kisses of the Silent Era”

  1. The favorite here for me is Gene Gauntier flicking Jack Clark off the cart with her whip, Jack grabbing his hat as he takes off. Talk to the buggy whip, dearie!

  2. Your positive review of “The Sunbeam” is the more remarkable given its director and your general dislike for cuteness, as noted in your “Little Orphant Annie” review. I agree, though, this is one of those times where it works.

    1. I am actually quite fond of much of Griffith’s Biograph era output as I think he was at his best in shorter material. I love cuteness (not cutesiness) but it has to be natural cuteness. Ynez Seabury’s charm is quite natural and she doesn’t come off as fake or over-rehearsed, which is my usual objection to child stars. And Griffith keeps a light hand with the title cards (at least we can assume it was Griffith, it might be a reissue print).

  3. Yup those kisses are pretty lame. i would be looking at him like he is on drugs. As for the smoking fairy-that is just freaky and she looks like she is 8 yrs old

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