News from the Silent Movie Front: Documenting Rediscovered Films, New Silent Symphony, Dinosaurs and Marcel Perez

We’re back with more silent movie news. This time, it’s all about premieres, screenings and crowdfunding. Oh, and some myth-busting too. Excitement galore of a nerdy nature.

Dawson City: Frozen in Time Screenings

Imagine stumbling across a treasure trove of over 500 nitrate prints dating from the early 1900s that had been preserved in frozen tundra. That’s exactly what happened in Dawson City and now this amazing find is the focus of a new documentary.

Image courtesy of Kino Lorber.

Bill Morrison’s film will be of special interest to silent film fans as it will include footage from these rare silent films and newsreels, pairing them with archival footage, interviews and historical photographs.

Kino will be premiering Dawson City: Frozen in Time on June 9 at the IFC Center in New York, June 16 at Nuart Theatre in LA, and July 21 at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto.

The Lost World on Bluray from Flicker Alley

A new restoration of one of my favorite silent films on HD? Yes, please!

See, the versions of The Lost World that have been available for viewing have all been abridged and the original 10-reel release was believed to be, well, lost. But then a box containing missing footage was discovered and– wonder of wonders– one scene (in the video above) even uses the Handschiegl color process! And all this on Bluray with a Robert Israel score!

My movie nerd heart is just about bursting with anticipation and I’m sure I’m not alone. You can learn more about the release and pre-order from Flicker Alley here. The disc has a street date of September 12, 2017.

London Symphony at the EIFF

London Symphony is a modern silent film that was successfully crowdfunded in 2014. This city symphony will receive its official World Premiere in competition for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Film at the 71st Edinburgh International Film Festival in June. For details and to book tickets, click here.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a city symphony, filmmaker Alex Barrett describes it as, “A poetic, experimental documentary that presents a portrait of daily life within a city while attempting to capture something of the city’s spirit.”

Capturing the spirit of a diverse, lively London has always been the film’s goal. We wish Mr. Barrett and his film the best of success. (If you’re nowhere near Edinburgh, never fear. The film will go on tour at select venues and Flicker Alley has picked up the international distribution rights.)

Marcel Perez Volume 2 is Crowdfunding

Accompanist Ben Model is at it again! He’s crowdfunding the second volume of his hit Marcel Perez Collection and you can help him out right here. The project is nearly funded (it’s only been up for a day!) but you can still slide in and collect some of the rewards being offered.

Even if you can’t back this project, please consider helping out by posting links on blogs and/or social media. Spreading the word is extremely valuable and I know it will be appreciated.

If you’re curious about Marcel Perez, you can order the first volume of the series here. Isn’t it fun to rediscover a forgotten clown?

Debunking Some Nonsense

The Daily Mail (I know) recently published a story claiming that Charlie Chaplin was in negotiations to be hired by Universal in 1912 to replace the temperamental Buster Keaton but that he needed to drop the silly walk.

Now there are so many errors in that single sentence that most film fans are likely hopping up and down with rage but the comments section is full of people taking the nonsense seriously. This is intolerable!

Well, Silent London has tracked down the origin of the story and it all started as a practical joke. Enjoy the debunking!

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  1. As a huge fan of the 1933 King Kong, I’ve been wanting The Lost World for a long time. I plan on pre-ordering it tomorrow before the free shipping is over. Would’ve of pre-ordered today but I didn’t have the money left after getting the TCM MGM Greta Garbo Silent DVD.

  2. Sigh. Just got notified of the new Marcel Perez, and Lost World on blu. Any idea how to keep up a decent movie schedule without neglecting work, family, friends and pets? Housework has already been sacrificed. Also, more puppy pictures please!!!,

  3. I love labs and they are so cuddly even though they are clods:) I am so surprised that, not only they found these films, but they could restore them with all the mud and dirt on them. This is exciting news and so is the Lost World images…this is great news!

    1. He’s a sweetie and usually a pretty mild fellow. (He runs off all his energy playing during the day.) This time, he was just in the mood to prance.

      Yes, I am eternally astonished by the skills of these restoration teams.

  4. So I was able to get my pre-order in for The Lost World while Free Shipping was still available. Though I need to get back to sleep. Very tired here making sure I was up early to pre-order.

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