Silent Movie People + Windows (Lyrical, Rainy, Autumnal, etc.)

Let’s have fun with windows! No, not the operating system, those glass things some people have on their homes. They figured into a lot of silent era cinematography and here are a few favorites.

(As always, I will link to my original review for the source of the GIFs.)

We’ll start with a frosty one because it’s what everyone expects. Pola Negri is pensive in Barbed Wire, a criminally underrated silent drama about a French farmerette (actual 1920s lingo) and a German POW. The film is beautiful in every way.

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One of my favorite discoveries this year has been Tiger Rose, a film with Devlin the Super Mountie. He’s not called the Super Mountie in the film but I love his relentless pursuit of baddies and wish there had been a series. Here he is detecting suspicious movements on a dark and stormy night.

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Ivan Mosjoukine is having a bad day in Kean but his BFF Nicolas Koline is having an even worse one. Those old windows are heavy!

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Magda Foy goes out into the autumn night in Alice Guy’s Falling Leaves, one of the most lyrical and delicate films of the 1910s.

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Would I give up a chance to feature Blair? I would not! Our bold canine star rushes to the you-know-what in Rescued by Rover, a perfectly charming British smash hit from 1905.

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  1. Living (it seems always) in a charming but inevitably repair-prone old house, I can testify to the heaviness of the windows. Having performed many, many repairs chez nous, Nicolas Koline, I feel your pain!

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