Haste to the Wedding (not my own)

Hi there! In addition to a cold and my usual throat infection, I am heading off to a wedding this weekend. NyQuil goes so well with formal gowns!

Anyway, my point in telling you this is that I have posts set to auto-publish but I may or may not have been in my right mind when I set them up. This will be a fun and exciting experience for all of us!

So don’t get worried if I don’t answer comments or anything like that. I’ll catch up on everything when I return, which will include marveling at all the weird stuff I did whilst under the weather. (There’s always something.)

4 Replies to “Haste to the Wedding (not my own)”

  1. hey fritzi:)
    take care and try and have fun. you never know – Nyquil and wedding cake might just be the new thing….:)) I love the main heading pic – is that prince mdivani (spelling?). and of course rudy….le sigh. BUT if anyone were to ask me who my ultimate star crush of this period is, I would say buster Keaton. Yep. He was so funny and brilliant – plus he always looked so sad and vulnerable at the same time. Love that man:)

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