Reviews rescheduled owing to an inconvenient cold

Hi everyone. I usually try to have a new silent movie review every Sunday and this one was supposed to be a pip: a Silents vs. Talkies review with the 1925 and 1930 versions of The Unholy Three. Alas, there will be a slight delay.

I have been fighting off a cold for a while and thought I had beaten it off but then it came at me with a sneak attack and here we are. What’s worse, I did not get a pre-cold burst of frenzied activity (half the reviews on this site have benefited from them, I basically have no immune system) and so I am thrown behind schedule. Murphy’s law.

I’ll be recovering with lots of fluids and new Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes and I’ll be publishing The Unholy Three review but it will be a tad late. In the meantime, here is Ivan Mosjoukine in a glorious headdress.

And I invite you to read two oldie-but-goodie reviews of silent comedies that revolve around medicine: Oh Doctor (1925) with Reginald Denny and Mary Astor and Feel My Pulse (1928) with Bebe Daniels, Richard Arlen and William Powell.

12 Replies to “Reviews rescheduled owing to an inconvenient cold”

  1. Thinking good thoughts for your winning the battle with persistent cold bug! Tea of choice with honey and lemon- ’nuff said, as know you’re already all over that…

    Lon Chaney is a patient fellow. He’ll wait šŸ˜‰ Feel better soon.

  2. oh fritzi…
    take care of yourself!!! come back when you is allll better!

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