The Winners of the Classic Movie Cookalong (and lots of recipe pictures!)

A few weeks back, I invited my readers to cook along with me and I was even able to offer prizes thanks so generous backers. Well, it’s time to announce the winners and share some recipe pictures!

The prizes were awarded based on chance. To determine the winner, I simply assigned a number to each entrant and then used a random number generator to produce the winning integer. (I used for this event.)

Non-Participant Winner:

Brad K is the winner! I will be in touch regarding the prizes.

Participant Winner:

Emma L is the winner! A hearty congrats!

The Prizes:

Princess April Morning-Glory by Leticia Fairbanks

Doug’s niece wrote and illustrated this gorgeous, uplifting book. Devour the illustrations and have fun guessing which Hollywood stars and bigwigs were her inspiration!

Winners will have the choice of receiving an ebook or a physical book.

Copies of Letitia Fairbanks’ Princess April Morning-Glory generously provided by Sandramantos Publishing.

The It Girl and Me: A novel of Clara Bow and The Forgotten Flapper: A Novel of Olive Thomas by Laini Giles

Historical Novels based on the lives of two silent movie legends. Get a history lesson along with your pleasure reading. (Spring break and summer vacation are coming, aren’t these perfect beach reads?)

Winners will receive a combo ebook of both titles.

Copies of The Forgotten Flapper and The IT Girl and Me generously provided by Laini Giles.

Reels and Rivals: Sisters in Silent Film by Jennifer Ann Redmond

We know about the Gish sisters and the Talmadge sisters but have you heard about Mae Marsh’s sister, Marguerite? The Fairbanks sisters? Marceline Day’s sister, Alice? Take a dive into sisterly filmmaking with this biographical anthology.

Winners will receive an ebook of this title.

Copies of Reels and Rivals: Sisters in Silent Film generously provided by Jennifer Ann Redmond and BearManor Media.

A huge thanks to the wonderful authors and publishers who contributed their books to this event. If you have read and enjoyed their work, I encourage you to share your enjoyment on social media and/or leave reviews of their books at online stores, it helps them enormously.


And now for the cooking! Yum, yum! Follow the links to see what the participants made of these recipes:

MovieMovieBlogBlog gives us step-by-step directions for making rarebit in 10 easy photos!

Marie made her own Worcestshire and topped the dish with dill. Yum!

Emma L opted for the Chevalier version and served hers on toast!

A huge thanks to the brave cooks who took the rarebit plunge with me. I think you’re splendid!

Finally, here are my rarebits. I prepared both versions and followed the recipe with the exception of using good Vermont cheddar instead of processed cheese. Maurice’s rarebit is more of a cheese spread while Charlie’s has a more complex flavor thanks to the ale and Worcestershire. (I used Newcastle Brown Ale as I didn’t find the time to make a Trader Joe’s run for something more exotic.)

I served Maurice’s rarebit on Triscuit crackers (they were invented in early 1900s, so quite correct for the period) and Charlie’s on hearty toasted sandwich bread. By the way, Chaplin is not exaggerating when he calls for everything to be HOT, this stuff sets up in minutes!

Maurice Chevalier’s Rarebit
Charlie Chaplin’s Rarebit

I will say that the Maurice Chevalier rarebit is a much more attractive color as all the Worcestershire sauce turned Chaplin’s dish a bit beige. Oh well, they were both delicious because how could hot cheese on toast or crackers fail?

Finally, did I have terrible dreams as a result of the late night rarebit treat? Nope, all was well. Then again, I did only have one modest serving of each and we never were told how much rarebit one must consume to become a rarebit fiend.

9 Replies to “The Winners of the Classic Movie Cookalong (and lots of recipe pictures!)”

  1. Big Congrats to Emma L and Brad K! Enjoy those lovely books!

    Personally, I had lots of fun making my version of Charlie’s recipe, AND got to stretch my cooking muscles by making something (Worcestershire Sauce) would never have thought to make otherwise. BTW, the homemade variety of W. Sauce is more an orange-brown (maybe due to anchovies, cinnamon, cayenne or…? Yeah, all those, amazingly enough, are in Worcestershire) than the almost black-brown of pantry standby Lea & Perrins. A more appetizing coloring to the finished dish was a nice side effect. If any are interested, the sauce recipe I used came from The DIY Pantry by Kresha Faber.

    More Classic Movie Cookalongs in the future, please- it was a total blast!

  2. WOW! I’m so excited about these awesome books! 😀 Congratulations to Brad for winning the NP prizes!
    A big thank you to Fritzi for hosting this fun cookalong. All the rarebits looked so tasty – I applaud everyone’s creativity. (great idea with the dill garnish, Marie! Nice, fresh touch and it looks great.)

  3. Congratulations to Emma L and Brad K! When Fritzi first contacted me about the book prizes I was honored to have copies of Letitia Fairbanks’ illustrated and uniquely hand-lettered & illuminated fairy tale “Princess April Morning-Glory” be presented to the winners. Letitia, who was my stepmother in addition to being Doug & Mary’s niece, would have been thrilled to know the copies are going to such a fun group of silent film aficionados! Keep on cooking & enjoy!

  4. Congrats on the winners all who took part!!! Those books look so very interesting – I want to get myself some hard copies ( I am so old school) but book shops are becoming very hard to find. I will keep an eye out though!! Happy reading:))


  5. Want to give a shout out and “well done!” to Movie Movie Blog Blog. Thoroughly enjoyed your foray into making Chaplin’s Rarebit (hope tummy didn’t bite you back too severely from eating all that dense cheddar sauce). Partner and I got to explore your delightful film reviews through this contest, and to discover a new review site! Enjoying your site!

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