Movies Silently’s First Fundraiser with My Favorite GIFs

Hi, everyone! As a huge fan of PBS and NPR (American public television and radio), I decided to copy them a little and hold a fundraising drive.

As most silent movie fans know, more obscure films and research materials can be pricey to obtain. I have had wonderful support on Patreon but I was wondering if you could help me reach a goal.

If you’re already a patron, thank you so much! If you are thinking of pitching in, again, thank you! If money is tight and you can’t afford to help, I totally understand and hope you will continue to enjoy the site.

My goal is a modest one: Try to top $100/month total on my Patreon account. I think we can do it! My account and all the signup information can be found here.

If I reach $100/month on my Patreon account, I have a gift for everyone: I’ll review one of the most-requested films, IT (1927) with Clara Bow and Antonio Moreno.

Now that you’ve listened to a pitch, you deserve some GIFs! Here are five of my all-time favorite silent movie GIFs:

Wink wink, nudge nudge! We can all use a good wink and Virginia Lee Corbin is better than any emoji. This is from the flapper flick Bare Knees (read my review here).

If we need a wink, we also need an eyeroll and Mae Murray displays an excellent one in the romcom The Delicious Little Devil. (Read my review here.)

Blind panic!!!! Louise Fazenda is freaking out in The Bat and what better GIF to illustrate the state of the internet? (Read my review here.)

If you can’t greet someone in the name of the three-horned goat of Ranor, well, there’s not much fun to be had in life. This is from Ben-Hur. (Read my review here.)

75% of all silent film discussions need this GIF. The era is so full of misconceptions and outright falsehoods that it’s a veritable minefield of nonsense. This GIF is from M’Liss. (Read my review here.)

Thanks for reading!

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