Announcement: The Classic Movie Cookalong (and Book Giveaway!)

I have been having so much fun with my vintage movie star recipes that I have decided it’s time to share that fun with my readers. Let’s cook something together!

Here’s how the event will work:

Prepare one of the recipes published in this post.

Take pictures or video and share them with me. Sharing your image or video enters you in the drawing.

I will post everyone’s pictures/videos on April 28, 2017 and pick a random winner from the eligible entries. All entries must be in before April 27, 2017 at midnight PST.

There are prizes! Books! Princess April Morning-Glory by Leticia Fairbanks, The It Girl and Me and The Forgotten Flapper by Laini Giles and Reels and Rivals by Jennifer Ann Redmond (details below)

“I don’t want to cook but I want those prizes!”

Fair enough. The wonderful authors and publishers have also made copies of their books available for a second set of prizes. So, one set for the cooks, one set for everyone else.

To enter the non-cooks giveaway, just leave a comment that contains these words: “Oh those rarebits are terrible things to eat!” Easy! You are now entered in the drawing.

Obviously, cooking AND entering the non-cooking event will double your chances to win.

The Recipes

Here are the recipes. They are both rarebit variations (rarebit is just flavored cheese on toast), dish that was ubiquitous during the silent and classic movie eras.

Please don’t drink it directly out of the chafing dish.

As I have never held an event like this and I wanted it to be as accessible as possible. These recipes use relatively inexpensive ingredients and do not require an oven or fancy pots or pans. They can be prepared in an apartment, a dorm or just about anywhere else and should be easily completed within 20 to 30 minutes. However, the measurements are charmingly imprecise. Don’t worry, though! How can you go wrong with cheese and butter?

There are literally dozens of celebrity rarebit recipes but I figured Charlie Chaplin and Maurice Chevalier cover the most cinematic ground and they are just different enough from one another to add variety. Charlie adds beer and Worcestershire sauce. Maurice adds eggs, mustard, cayenne and sugar.

“I am a vegan/I don’t like some of the ingredients/They’re not available where I live”

That’s okay! Feel free to tweak these recipes any way you like, make substitutions or whatever else makes you happy. Jazz it up, tone it down, spice it up, add or subtract ingredients. It’s your rarebit. Be sure to share any variations with us. And, of course, it’s perfectly fine to just stick to the basic recipe.

“Will rarebit give me goofy dreams?”

Rarebit is not considered to be a hallucinogenic food by the FDA but if you do have any weird, Winsor McCay-esque dreams, please share!

“Okay, what are those prizes you mentioned?”

I have two sets of books to give away, all silent movie-related! Each winner will receive ONE COPY of each book listed.

Princess April Morning-Glory by Leticia Fairbanks

Doug’s niece wrote and illustrated this gorgeous, uplifting book. Devour the illustrations and have fun guessing which Hollywood stars and bigwigs were her inspiration!

Winners will have the choice of receiving an ebook or a physical book.

Copies of Letitia Fairbanks’ Princess April Morning-Glory generously provided by Sandramantos Publishing.

The It Girl and Me: A novel of Clara Bow and The Forgotten Flapper: A Novel of Olive Thomas by Laini Giles

Historical Novels based on the lives of two silent movie legends. Get a history lesson along with your pleasure reading. (Spring break and summer vacation are coming, aren’t these perfect beach reads?)

Winners will receive a combo ebook of both titles.

Copies of The Forgotten Flapper and The IT Girl and Me generously provided by Laini Giles.

Reels and Rivals: Sisters in Silent Film by Jennifer Ann Redmond

We know about the Gish sisters and the Talmadge sisters but have you heard about Mae Marsh’s sister, Marguerite? The Fairbanks sisters? Marceline Day’s sister, Alice? Take a dive into sisterly filmmaking with this biographical anthology.

Winners will receive an ebook of this title.

Copies of Reels and Rivals: Sisters in Silent Film generously provided by Jennifer Ann Redmond and BearManor Media.

These prizes can ship anywhere in the world.

“Wait, you mean ANYWHERE in the world?”

Anywhere that receives mail from the United States and/or has access to the internet.

How do I submit my photos or video?

The easiest way for me is if you post them to your blog, public social media account (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) or upload them to a photosharing site (Flickr or something like that). For videos, YouTube or Vimeo or any site that allows the public to see. Then just send over the link and we’re golden!

Anything else I should keep in mind?

Needless to say, all content MUST be safe for work. So, don’t do this if you post a video:

I’m not sure how a still photo of rarebit could be NSFW and I really don’t want to know. Please do not enlighten me.

No stealing someone else’s images, no advocating illegal activity, no hate speech, no calling for death to kittens and bunnies. You know, the basics.

The full contest rules are here.

My question isn’t here! Help!

If you have a question, chances are others have it as well. Please ask away in the comments and I will be happy to help.


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35 Replies to “Announcement: The Classic Movie Cookalong (and Book Giveaway!)”

  1. I would love to win these books – I haven’t read any of them as yet. I’ll read mine while drinking coffee, because… “Oh those rarebits are terrible things to eat!”

  2. Whipping up a Rarebit for fun and profit? I’m absolutely in! May decide to tweak that Chaplin recipe a bit and will later choose whether stills or video, but definitely rising to the cooking challenge 😉

  3. I hope any tweaks (and yeah, thinking seriously about possible cheese/herb/spice additions) would meet with Chaplin’s approval, or at least willing consumption. Eye to that will be key for me :->

    Plus the fun of just doing this!

  4. I am so in! I don’t even care about the prizes, I just want to take photos of me making a fool of myself cooking and eating this stuff. I’ve heard about rarebit ever since I was a kid!

  5. You always find ways to make everything fun, Fritzi. “Oh those rarebits are terrible things to eat!”

  6. I’m in! I think I’ll be making Maurice’s rarebit, it sounds like a peppy little recipe. I’ve already added dry mustard to my shopping list. 😉
    I’ll probably be uploading my photo to Pinterest, hope that works ok. And just to clarify, shall I email you the link to my photo?

    1. Pinterest would be perfect! And you can email, leave a comment or send me the link on Twitter. Thanks!

      (I updated the instructions to make them a little clearer. Hope this helps everyone.)

      1. Pinterest for me, too- so glad you mentioned it, Emma L.

        Will do the cooking and posting next weekend sometime. Working up a variation of the Chaplin recipe I’m calling Charlie’s Midnight Rarebit.

        Anyone here ever tried making their own Worcestershire Sauce? I’d love some hands-on tips 🙂 Thinking homemade might be a nice addition to the Little Tramp’s midnight treat. I understand anchovies are involved…yum!

      2. Sounds wonderful! The homemade Worcestershire sauce sounds like a fun extra credit project; be sure to let us know how it turns out if you decide to go that route.

  7. I’ve never eaten rarebits, but once somebody taold me “Oh those rarebits are terrible things to eat!” And now I crave them…

  8. Oh, those rarebits are terrible things to eat! Those books, on the other hand, look like lovely things to read… 🙂

  9. I am thinking of making one of those Welsh Rarebits, as I always wanted to try one – even back as a youngster when I thought it was a Welsh Rabbit . However I’m not much of a cook, and we all know that that oh those rarebits are terrible things to eat, so why should I break out of my comfort zone. Well I have another 3 weeks to consider it…

  10. Re: Charlie’s Midnight Rarebit: have decided to go for it and make homemade Worcestershire Sauce in honor of our Petit Charlot. He deserves nothing less from my kitchen 😉 Waiting on some tamarind paste (who knew Worchestershire contained THAT) which a good friend is dropping off chez nous on his way down the Cali coast from Frisco. Dear lad’s been a bit slow doing that (as in “pack mule over the Andes” slow), but I’m aiming to have Charlie’s Rarebit photos and description up on Pinterest by mid-week.

    Best of luck to all in this fun MS cookalong contest! Personally, I’m having a blast so far! 😀

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