The best silent movie GIFs for polite internet conversations

There are plenty of wonderful silent movie GIFs for making trouble and telling people off but what about more polite interactions? Here are my favorite silent movie GIFs for pleasant online conversation. Enjoy!

Thank you!

Thank you kindly! This is Enid Markey in The Taking of Luke McVane, in which she plays the Belle of the Chuckawalla Valley. Hey, it’s a living. Read my review here.

You’re welcome

Harrison Ford (not that one) and Bessie Love are flirting in Rubber Tires. The film has a stalker vibe but it does offer some wonderful giffy moments. Read my review here.

Aww, shucks

Sometimes we get compliments that make us feel a little shy. That’s what Louis Wolheim’s cuddly mug is for! This is from Two Arabian Knights, read my review here.

“Thanks, old sport!” or “Pleased to meet you!”

When someone has your back or introduces themselves in a particularly charming manner, you’ll want Anna Sten and Ivan Koval-Samorsky’s cute sliding handshake. It’s from The Girl with the Hat Box, read my review here.


Some questions need an enthusiastic affirmative and Loretta Young’s nod is just the ticket. This is from Laugh, Clown, Laugh and you can read my review here.

No, no, no!

This is a playful “no” from Bessie Love in Young April. It’s good for light, silly interactions and “Oh, you naughty thing!” playfulness. You can read my review here.


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  1. Why do I keep thinking that when I look on Wikipedia for Harrison Ford’s bio, the title will be “Harrison Ford (not that one)?”

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