Women! Nothing but trouble. Dern interferin’ females!

It’s #WomensHistoryMonth and so it’s a great excuse to ironically post a bunch of GIFs that feature men kvetching about women and being annoyed by them. Neener neener.

As always, I will be linking to my review of the film sources of the GIFs.

One of my favorites, this is Elliott Dexter in Adam’s Rib explaining to Pauline Garon why he won’t date her. Of course, you know that they’ll end up together but getting there is all the fun. Oh, and yes I am a products of the movies, woman suffrage and the war.

Read my review here. (I also discuss the film’s connection to Bringing Up Baby.)

William Boyd is less than pleased with Leatrice Joy’s tomboy character in Eve’s Leaves. He sings a different tune after she rescues him from pirates. This is as good a time as any to mention how annoying I find the use of “female” as a noun for human women. It makes the speaker sound like a Ferengi.

Read my review here.

Wallace Reid is telling off a meddling woman in Joan the Woman. She’ll take his castle, will she? Ha!

Well, she actually does because she’s Joan of Arc.

Read my review here.

This will teach Charlie Chaplin to fall asleep in a vaudeville house. A Night in the Show is based on one of his old stage acts and is one of his (relatively) few non-tramp appearances.

Read my review here.

Ivan Mosjoukine spends much of The Burning Crucible being driven nuts by Nathalie Lissenko and he can’t believe his eyes when she shows up at the grand finale. Love the body language!

Read my review here.


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8 Replies to “Women! Nothing but trouble. Dern interferin’ females!”

  1. So nice to see through your eyes, Fritzi ! Leatrice Joy’s confident, sexy expressions, Ivan Mosjoukine’s perfect take. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Haha yeah, Ivan’s reaction is terrific. Poor Bill had a rough time in Eve’s Leaves – you can’t blame him for getting testy here and there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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