And My 350th Silent Film Review Shall Be….

My review for Les Vampires will be posted this Sunday and it will be my 300th silent film review. Phew! I look back at my review list and it’s still hard to believe I really watched and reviewed all these silents. And, believe it or not, I haven’t even scratched the surface of my collection.

I let my readers vote for this landmark review (it was supposed to be #250 but life intervened) but we will be going from a democracy to a dictatorship this time around. But a benevolent one, I hope.

For my 350th silent movie review, I shall be covering The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906), an Australian picture that is reckoned to be the very first narrative feature film in the world.

This will be a ton of fun to research and I hope you will enjoy the results. I’m reviewing quite a few short films at the moment so I should rack of fifty reviews fairly quickly. Look for The Story of the Kelly Gang later this year!


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6 Replies to “And My 350th Silent Film Review Shall Be….”

  1. Thank you Fritzi for a consistently enjoyable and interesting blog. And Les Vampires is an excellent choice for your 300 milestone – a personal favourite among the marvellous French serials of the 1910s. As an Australian, I’m glad to see you will be reviewing the Kelly Gang – from the remnants I’ve seen, it appears to have been a great technical achievement and an evocative retelling of events that occurred only 20 years before the film was made. Best wishes for your next 300 reviews.

  2. Congratulations on reviewing so many silents already! This first feature looks so interesting in the teaser, and it appears we’re so lucky to have it at all considering the extensive nitrate bubbling/general deterioration in the trailer. Thank the movie gods for modern restoration techniques (and those entities, whatever/whomever they may be, that so generously fund them).

    Cannot wait to read the review 🙂

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