Silent Movie Style: The Hats! The Hats! (and this is where we go mad)

Well, we’ve look at women’s hats, men’s hats and now it’s time to enjoy some bonkers hats. With the other posts, I limited myself to hats that were normal, modern streetwear but now the gloves (and hats) are off! Weirdness, here we come! Hats, headdresses, beads and wires! Historical and fantastic headgear!

Aelita is the queen of Mars and the queen of hats. The justly famous Martian costume design is on full display here.

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Beaded headdresses were a signature of the silent era and one of the best is found in the DeMille domestic comedy Why Change Your Wife. And the heart does not go with the dress– but Bebe Daniels does! (Natacha Rambova designed the costumes. Go, Natacha!)

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Another beaded headdress, this one from the 1914 Mary Pickford version of Cinderella. A decadent and elaborate creation as befits a fairy godmother.

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Carmel Myers is wearing a white yarn wig and it’s so darn fake that I’m counting it as a hat. Between the wig, the choker and the lizard pin in her hair, I’m getting a major 90s vibe from this Ben-Hur sequence.

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One of the best gags in Chaplin’s Burlesque on Carmen is his difficulties with his helmet. You try wearing a huge broom on your head!

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This list would not be complete without a pirate hat and Rod La Rocque sports a splendid number in The Cruise of the Jasper B. The man could also accessorize, as his spiffy hoop earrings prove.

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  1. Rod La Roque’s cocky grin, the cockade on his hat…love this .gif!

    Made me think of the old joke: Where’s me buccaneers? They’re under your buckin’ hat 😉

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