Poll: What shall I prepare for my 50th silent star recipe taste test?

Well, I took a count and it looks like I just published my forty-fourth silent star recipe. With the fiftieth recipe milestone coming up, I couldn’t resist creating a poll to find out what my readers would like.

I have selected some stars whose recipes have caught my fancy and who, I think, are pretty popular with my readers too. Let me introduce them to you and explain why they made the shortlist. (Alas, Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights Spaghetti recipe is a mystery and so is ineligible for the poll.)

Joan has been cooking again.
Joan has been cooking again.

Joan Crawford: The series launched with Joan’s French Banana Salad (blech!!!!) and I have tons of bonkers recipes from Joan because she never, ever, EVER missed participation in a celebrity cookbook. You want to see me suffer? Vote for her.

Rudolph Valentino: No, it’s not the dubious spaghetti sauce recipe that has been floating around since The Sheik was a new release. Intrigued? Well, I’m not giving away my secret. Ain’t I a stinker?

Olive Thomas: A popular actress who died tragically young, Thomas has been enjoying a resurgence of popularity with modern viewers. She claimed to have invented her own favorite dish and (hurrah!) it’s not scary.

Will Marlene or ZaSu inspire this reaction?
Will Marlene or ZaSu inspire this reaction?

ZaSu Pitts: Pitts was a riot on the screen but she was a wonder in the candy kitchen and even published a volume of her favorite recipes entitled Candy Hits with ZaSu Pitts. Candymaking is most definitely NOT in my wheelhouse so if you want to see me set fire to my own hair, this is your best opportunity.

Marlene Dietrich: Like ZaSu, Dietrich was known as a Hollywood star who really could cook. I have several recipes on file and they all sound pretty darn tasty. Plus, Marlene is my talkie era favorite so she had to be included in the running!

(If the poll is not displaying for you, here is a direct link.)

Thanks so much for reading and voting! I look forward to seeing the results.

16 Replies to “Poll: What shall I prepare for my 50th silent star recipe taste test?”

  1. The temptation to go with Joan just for the laughs she brings was strong… but it’s Christmas, it’s Marlene, and we all deserve something scrummy, yes?

  2. Tough choice between Marlene and Olive, but I voted for Marlene….curious as to which of her kitchen creations you’ll be trying! πŸ˜‰

  3. Valentino, Rudy gets my vote most definitely! Although I am slightly afraid it may turn out to be something like Eggs Dolores, I just can’t resist voting for him.

  4. i have a morbid interest in olive thomas (i even have been to her grave since it is conveniently located near my school) but for practicality reasons i don’t think it makes sense to vote for someone who was probably not much of a home ec goddess. the common sense part of me is rooting for zasu or marlene but let’s face it i have proven with this post that i don’t have the emotional fortitude to handle this poll.

  5. Since I am making Rouladen and red cabbage with mashed potatoes for Christmas Eve, I have to go with Marlene since this is such a traditional German meal.

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