Silent Movie Romance Fails! or, This love affair isn’t going so well, is it?

Silent movies are famous for their love scenes but even in their romantic world, affairs do not always go as planned. We’re going to be enjoying some romance fails of the silent era.


Vilma Banky has pranked Rudolph Valentino with a big honking load of pepper in his soup. I think their romance may be in trouble. Also, he wants to kill her father. (Read my review of The Eagle here.)

dont-change-your-husband-onion-kissElliott Dexter has managed to scuttle his own love life. You see, given a choice between his onion-hating bride (played by Gloria Swanson) and a nice, crunchy plate of scallions… Well, the onions win every time. (Read my review of Don’t Change Your Husband here.)

cossacks-heavy-houseThe Cossacks is an MGM film and so a falling house is actually not out of the realm of possibility. Renee Adoree gets to tell off both John Gilbert and Nils Asther in the film. (You can read my long and scathing review here.)

vagabond-prince-dago-sailorDorothy Dalton’s character has two strikes against her happiness in The Vagabond Prince: first, she is a showgirl who falls for an incognito prince and second, she’s engaged to the guy but she’s still casually calling him names? Hoo boy. To add insult to injury, he’s actually Montenegrin. (Read my review here.)

cameramans-revenge-door-smashHuman beings aren’t the only ones with relationship woes. In this wonderfully strange Russian stop-motion animated film, Mr. Beetle suspects that his wife has been untrue and so he breaks down the door. (Read my review here.)

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  1. That beetle movie is really one of a kind. And that one scene from The Eagle has always been one of my favorites! It is never good when your love interest is found trying to strangle your father, but Vilma seems to get over it rather quickly!

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