I don’t want to get out of bed and neither do these silent movie characters

I say all summer that I can’t wait for cold weather. Well, it’s here and the problem with cold weather is that it’s cold. It makes waking up a decidedly unpleasant process. #FirstWorldProblems

I take comfort in the fact that some silent movie characters felt the same way.


Norma Talmadge’s character in The Devil’s Needle is described as “an ardent worshiper at the shrine of Morpheus.” She’s also an artist’s model and a junkie but that’s neither here nor there. (You can read my review of this scandalous film here.)


Miss? Miss? You might want to wake up. Conrad Veidt has a knife and, well, it’s pretty sharp. (You can read my review of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari here and enjoy my dissection of the film’s mysterious ending.)


Let Louise Fazenda’s fate in The Bat be a lesson to all of you: never take refuge from a killer under a Murphy bed. (Read my review here.)


Ivan Koval-Samborsky isn’t letting anyone, not even Anna Sten, interfere with his sleep. They’re trapped in the classic rom-com trope of two unmarried people pretending to be married and being obliged to share a bedroom. The twist is that Sten uses the opportunity… to play practical jokes on her hapless roommate! And that’s why Russian rom-coms are the best rom-coms. (Read my review of The Girl with the Hat Box here.)


Okay, that’s enough of that! All this typing has left me simply exhausted, so excuse me if I imitate Pola Negri in Gypsy Blood. (Read my review here.)

6 Replies to “I don’t want to get out of bed and neither do these silent movie characters”

  1. “Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning!”

    Great lyrics, Irving Berlin 🙂

    Love all these .gifs, in particular Pola Negri’s. Make my morning, Pola!

    Yes, indeedy, feel your pain (or chills in this case). Seem to recall from the dim, dark past that I moved down here from Toronto for, among other job-related reasons, getting into a clime where I wouldn’t “get my toes froze,” need to pour a pan of hot water on the windshield, nor shovel out the driveway for months on end.

    No sympathy from the Quebec or Ontario relatives, though. They’re expecting flurries on Sunday!

    1. So glad you enjoyed!

      Yes, this is when I disappear under at least three layers of fleece and take my arthritic cat with me. The melodramatic gusts of wind do not help at all. It sounds like the synchronized score for Way Down East here!

      1. Haha! It does sound like that score, doesn’t it? I walk to work quite often, and I must confess that when it is snowing, I imagine I’m Miss Gish lost in the snowstorm… makes walking outside a little less tedious

  2. I was out all day in the snow, it was rather chilly. I agree, I have such a hard time getting up in the morning, love the article!

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