In which silent movie stars (and one parrot) tell people off in the rudest way possible

Silent film characters sometimes get just a little fed up and that’s when the title cards get a little spicy. Oh my!

thief-of-bagdad-thou-liestDouglas Fairbanks finds your assertions to be quite hilarious. And using highfalutin’ pronouns always turns the burn up a notch. (This is from The Thief of Bagdad, my review also covers the 1940 sound remake.)

mliss-damned-lieMary Pickford goes for a more direct approach in M’Liss. Such language from America’s Sweetheart! (Read my review here.)

my-best-girl-awfully-dumbShe’s no more diplomatic with Buddy Rogers in My Best Girl. In all fairness, she’s right. (Read my review here.)

bat-you-go-toBefore Arthur Housman became famous for playing drunks in Hal Roach comedies, he played rich louses. Here he is telling off Jewel Carmen in The Bat. I am assuming the dashes are made to disguise H-E-Double Hockey Sticks. (Read my review here.)

captain-january-parrorAnd here is an obscene parrot in Captain January. Keep that bird away from small children! (Read my review here.)

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  1. Oh now this is fun but not as much as those 2 men from that war movie. Speaking of birds, when I was much younger there was this crow(or raven) that the cops were trying to find because the crow was taught the filthiest words and this crow was saying all this at kids in a school yard…hahahahaha

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