Poll: Tell me which site features you want to see more often

Greetings, all! Today, I am asking for your help. I want you to tell me which site features you feel need to make the final cut a little more often.

Like everyone else, my time is limited and so I want to focus my attention on areas that my readers enjoy the most. Please take my poll and check all the features you feel need more space on the site.

A quick note: My mythbusting posts are consistently my most-read features but I only post them when I feel I have something really good to say. There’s no real way for me to increase production of these articles.

12 Replies to “Poll: Tell me which site features you want to see more often”

  1. I am quite curious about your last poll–the one where you asked us how many silent films we own, how many silents we see every month, et c.

    The poll results seemed to make a lot of sense to me, and I was actually quite impressed/encouraged by the data. However, I would be very curious to know how many people responded to your poll.

    We are certainly dedicated to your mission, but I would be even more interested to know just how many of us are out there!

  2. Not surprised your mythbuster posts are so popular – for one thing, you’re writing about some of the most-searched ideas about silent film (even if a lot of people are searching for the wrong reasons). But, for another, they are often the best condensed information on the topics one can find on the internet without reading whole books.

  3. I like all that you write about so I agree with Tim…just keep writing what you enjoy and if you need a few days off, take them…we’ll still be here:)

  4. I will add another couple of comments before I get swallowed up in my day’s activities. My regular online reading includes (in no particular order): (1) The Globe & Mail (I’m Canadian); (2) The New York Times (just because), (3) Movies Silently, (4) Architizer/Design Co. (I’m an architect); (5) Tablet (because I’m assimilated).

    I tip my hat to you! If I had more time, then I too might make a GIF to express my gratitude to you. (P.S. I found out how to make those moving GIFs in PhotoShop but I don’t know what the great Fritzi Kramer uses.)

    I enjoy whatever you choose to write about and I certainly appreciate your insight, likes and opinions. Recipes? Quirky. Reviews? Can be even quirkier? GIFs? Awesome. Your individuality as a one-person editorial board is just fine with me!

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