Awkward and Adorkable Flirting of the Silent Era

If you’ve only seen the Great Lover style of flirting in silent movies (Valentino, Gilbert, etc.) then you are missing out! Sweeping romantic gestures are all well and good but there is something to be said for adorkable.

ella-cinders-flirtWe start with Colleen Moore, who is trying to get her flirty movie star persona on in Ella Cinders. Flirting is not generally reckoned to be something you can learn via correspondence course. (Read my my full review.)

carmen-the-teaseWallace Reid thinks he’s doing pretty well for himself in Carmen but Geraldine Farrar is about to throw cold water on his rosy thoughts of romance. (Read my review here.)

captive-cabbage-flirtNudge nudge, wink wink. Cabbages. You get it? Wink wink. (This is from The Captive, read my review here.)

haldane-of-the-secret-service-every-girl-wearsHere’s a flirty way to prevent your bag from being searched. Harry Houdini, aka Haldane of the Secret Service, is utterly flummoxed. (Read my review here.)

miss-lulu-bett-adorkablemiss-lulu-bett-adorkable-2Squeeeeee! Milton Sills and Lois Wilson are just delightful in Miss Lulu Bett, a feminist dramedy in which a poor relation who starts dating a teacher. One of my all-time faves and the performances of Sills and Wilson (plus the direction of William de Mille) are big reasons why. (Read my review here.)

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  1. Ahh yes…flirtation…it was big to show in that era all the different styles of flirting. Personally I don’t think Ella’s style is a great way( the wonky eyes look freaky more than flirty).

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