Get on your detective hats! We have more mystery stills

The good people at the Library of Congress have more mystery stills to identify and they are hoping that you, dear readers, will be able to assist. I think you’re the best in the west at this sort of thing, so let’s give this a try!

Here are the ground rules:

  1. Throw out wild guesses! Even if it is not the answer, your guess may inspire someone else.
  2. You can either leave a comment on my site or trip on over to the Library of Congress blog and leave your comment there.
  3. Have fun!

Feel free to visit our previous still identification post to see if you can solve the mysteries contained therein. (Dun-dun-DUUUUN!!!)

(Oh, and the header image is William Gillette in Sherlock Holmes.)

The Stills

(I am numbering the stills this time for easy reference.)

#1 A Tiffany-Stahl Production?

113-e1474292973934We listed this photo last time but I asked for a larger image so that I could isolate the lady and gentleman who seem to be the stars of the picture. Here they are:


balcony-womanThe number on the still indicates it may be a Tiffany-Stahl production. Tiffany was an independent concern initially founded to produce Mae Murray films but they also featured other name brand actors of the silent era. A good number of the films were incinerated at MGM during the sound era. (Grumble, grumble.)

The fashions look mid-1920s to me, if that’s any help.

UPDATE: I think the young woman in the balcony is Eve Southern, who made pictures at Tiffany during the silent era. What do you think? The jawline and eye shape match.

eve-southern-2 eve-southern

#2 Not Patsy Cline

132-e1474991603108The LoC has already confirmed that this woman is NOT Patsy Cline. Do you know her true identity?

#3 Mystery Dancer

57-e1474991643845This young woman is ready to dance. Do you know her name?

#4 Arabian Nights/Orientalist Fantasy


This looks to me like it is a still shot for one of those gloriously cheesy Arabian Nights flicks that were so big in the 1940s-1950s.

#5 Swimsuit Shots

comp2-e1474991548869A series of shots featuring a young woman in a patterned one-piece and a jaunty hat.

#6 Almost a Wardrobe Malfunction


Some people are saying this is Marilyn Monroe. I don’t think so as the face is totally different and Marilyn had nicer legs. (Sorry, mystery lady.)

Thanks so much to Cary O’Dell for inviting us to join the mystery still fun!

12 Replies to “Get on your detective hats! We have more mystery stills”

  1. The actor sitting in the balcony looks like Creighton Hale from The Cat And The Canary. The still is not from that film, but it looks just like him. Or it could be Lowell Sherman, who was also a director. Couldn’t recognize the actress.

    1. I thought she might have been Betty Blythe, who did make films for Tiffany, but I knew I was wrong once I saw a closer view. I also considered Agnes Ayres but she doesn’t quite match.

    2. I thought of Creighton Hale also, though it was from “Seven Footprints to Satan,” more than “Cat and the Canary.” Although he’s under glasses in that film, his makeup is more similar to this fellow’s. I’m not sure it’s really him, though. The makeup also made me think of Harry Langdon, who it obviously isn’t.This is the best frontal shot of Hale I could find for comparison:

      1. Yeah, the actor is similar but I am not sure it is Hale. I am pretty sure now, however, that the young woman I cropped is Eve Southern, who was making pictures at Tiffany in the 1920s.

  2. Young woman in #5…in the two photos on the left, she is really reminding me of Cynthia Lynn (the actress who played Col. Klink’s secretary, Helga, in the first season of Hogan’s Heroes)
    But in the close up photos, eh, not so much.
    Love zooming in on these mystery photos. Bring them on! 🙂

  3. That dancer #3 looks like Juliet Prowse. The last pic…holy ta-ta’s batman seems to be from the early 50’s to memaybe even the late 40’s and it could be a lady from the Betty Paige school of pin ups. It’s not Marilyn Monroe. The exotic Mata Hari gal reminds me of the Maria Montez films of the 1940’s. The gal in #2 looks like someone from the mid to later 1940’s, someone who may have been in westerns for some reason. That first picture, I thought the main lady was the one sitting below the man with he black hair and the bored look. My eyes went straight to her. She reminds me of Lila Lee

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