Poll Results: Readers share how many silent films they own and why they buy

A little while ago, I ran a survey asking readers to share how many silent films they own (any format) and what moves them to make a purchase. Here are the results:

You buy a lot of silent films. I mean, a lot of silent films!

return-of-draw-egan-have-a-drinkNaturally, I am very much in favor of this. The more silent movies purchased from major dealers, the more silent movies released. Keep it up, kids!

10% of you are lighter buyers who own 1-5 silents and 3% of you own none at all. 31% of you own between 16 and 50 silent films, a very respectable number. A whopping 26% of you are heavy users who own between 51 and 250. A hearty congrats to the 15% of you stopped counting after 250.

But you’re selective

upstream-john-ford-1927-silent-film-gets-her-manIf there are multiple versions of the same film, 68% of you just keep the one you like the best while the remaining 32% will keep both editions for comparison.

You watch silent films regularly


Half of you watch one or two silent films in a month. 39% indulge once a week, 10% of you watch 15 a month (or one every other day) and a small but mighty minority (1%) watch silents every day.

You buy for novelty

girl-with-hatbox-great-news41% of you list “first time on home media / I don’t own it yet” as the most important factor in your decision to buy. 38% of you are moved to buy when you hear about a new restoration, score or other upgrade. 22% of you buy if the film is highly recommended by a reviewer or friend.

You take the plunge!

merry-widow-flying-leap51% of you are willing to buy a silent film sight unseen. 39% of you will do so if the film has good buzz or if it features personnel you like. 9% of you are more cautious and prefer to rent or borrow before buying.

As always, thanks for your responses! Very interesting.

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