A slight delay owing to illness

Greetings all. I usually post a silent film review on Sunday but a scratchy throat on Saturday turned into full-blown influenza.

My review today is all written but it needs to be laid out and that just seems like so much work in my diminished state. I will try to post it on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. In the meantime, please enjoy my review of The Devil’s Needle, which was just posted Friday. Also excuse any delayed replies.

To make it up to you, here is a GIF of Charlie Chaplin and Edna Purviance.


17 Replies to “A slight delay owing to illness”

  1. Awww. Silent Fritzi is no good! Kick that bug, step on it and get better soon. One day away gets the “Silent movies are all about some lady tied to a Hot Wheels track” community growing. You’re a vanguard, kiddo. 😀

  2. Take care of yourself and rest, rest, rest. Have peppermint tea which helps calm the aches and calms the nose and head. Take care

  3. Oh, I know that feeling… simply opening the laptop becomes the world’s most difficult task when you’re sick. Hope your flu leaves you soon! Get lots of sleep and drink lots of OJ!

  4. Adding my belated well wishes to all those above. Major computer problems on the road in Canada (with the infernal machine finally breaking down entirely) kept me from awareness that you had fallen ill. This is a beloved, bookmarked site for my partner and I. So very happy you are now better.

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