Where in the world are you? The answers to our survey

A while back, I held a survey to see where most of my readers are located and whether they have easy access to silent movie screenings. Here are the results!

(Due to rounding, we may not get exactly 100% but, hey, we tried.)

Location, location, location

ben-hur-three-horned-goatA whopping 76% of you are from North America, 14% from Europe, 4% from South America, 2% from Australia/Oceania and the remaining 4% from Asia and islands of the sea.

The Talkies

manhandled-1924-gloria-swanson-silent-movie-fake-russian85% of you speak English as your first language and 15% of you speak it as a second language.

The Sound of Silents

silent-movie-mel-brooks-sid-ceasar-gif80% of you live in a country with a famous silent film heritage. 16% of you live in a country that made silent films but not a lot of people have heard of them. 3% of you live in countries that never made silent films at all.

Movie time!

variety-applause49% of you rely almost entirely on DVDs, TV and the internet to watch silent movies. 37% of you have access to silent film screenings but they are not easy to attend. Just 13% of you live in areas that have convenient silent film screenings.

Well, that was fun! Thanks for participating and letting us get to know you a little.

8 Replies to “Where in the world are you? The answers to our survey”

  1. I live in a small market, Kansas City. I and my oldest daughter are going to see “Phantom” (the 1929 version šŸ™ ) on the 27th at the symphony hall. I can’t remember any other silents being shown on the big screen in our area lately. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. That’s so interesting to see there are silent film fans everywhere!

    That picture at the top of Buster Keaton is so funny, what movie is that from? It reminds me of that silent film stereotype of a western and damsel in distress.

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