Silent Movie DVD & Bluray Haul: French Cinema, Alfred Hitchcock and New Jersey

So many silent movies, so little time. Lots of good stuff to share this time! Here are my latest silent movie acquisitions on DVD and Bluray.


Only one on Blu this time around.

The Captive


I reviewed this one on Wednesday — earlier than I planned– because I had too much juicy research to share!

By the way, at the time of this writing, the film is about 55% off (both DVD and Bluray versions) on Amazon, so if you were on the fence about buying it, it’s a pretty sweet bargain.


Blackmail (Arthaus version)

erpressung-blackmailFinding decent editions of silent Hitchcock films can be a challenge as the market is flooded with blurry, scratchy public domain discs. This German release was recommended to me as the best source for the silent version of Blackmail, Hitchcock’s first talkie and his last silent. (The disc also includes the talkie release.)

This disc is region 2, which means you will need a region free player to watch it if you live in North America.

Under the Roofs of Paris


Rene Clair’s talkie has been released on North America by the Criterion Collection and, as they often do, they have included a silent film as an extra. In this case, it’s Paris qui dort (1924), sometimes called The Crazy Ray, Clair’s very first film as director.

The Italian Straw Hat

italian-straw-hatAnother Rene Clair! Far more famous than The Crazy Ray, methinks. This Flicker Alley edition comes with two different scores, hurrah!

Made in New Jersey: A Girl’s Folly & The Beloved Blackmailer


I mostly got this one for The Beloved Blackmailer because Clara Beranger’s screenplays are not easy to find on home media. Plus, it sounds really cute. It’s a comedy about the kids of dueling businessmen who try to make peace between their fathers. Naturally, love is in the air. It’s directed by Dell Henderson, who played Marion Davies’ dad in Show People and The Patsy.

The Heart of a Hero


A romance of the American Revolution starring Robert Warwick. I am curious about this one as films set during the American Revolution are so often terrible.  Warwick plays Nathan Hale and so we know this cannot have a happy ending unless they end it really, really early.

Smouldering Fires


I got this one for the cast. Pauline Frederick, Laura La Plante and Tully Marshall? Yes, please! It’s a May-December soaper with the Miss Frederick playing the older member of the duo.

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  1. I saw Smouldering Fires years ago when I was doing a paper on Clarence Brown in grad school, and was blown away by the subtle and affecting performance of all three leads in the love triangle, plus a wonderful Tully Marshall. Definitely worth seeing !!

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