When you’re just blah. (GIF edition)

I don’t know about you but I have a bad case of the blahs. It has been one of those blah weeks and I haven’t recovered from the blahness of it all. Silent movie stars had the same problem sometimes.

dont-change-your-husband-ukuleleGloria Swanson has such a bad case of the blahs that even her ukulele doesn’t help.

This is from Don’t Change Your Husband. Read my review here.

heart-of-wetona-duhNorma Talmadge is feeling the blahs too. Her miscasting as a Native American does not help matters.

This is from Heart of Wetona. Read my review here.

hotel-imperial-windowPola Negri is feeling the blahs while looking out a window, a common blahs activity.

This is from Hotel Imperial. Read my review here.

idol-dancer-sadGuys can have the blahs too, as Richard Barthelmess proves.

This is from The Idol Dancer. Read my review here.

indian-tomb-veidt-is-sorryConrad Veidt has the worst case of the blahs I have ever seen. Even his clothes have the blahs.

This is from The Indian Tomb. Read my review here.

6 Replies to “When you’re just blah. (GIF edition)”

  1. Yep, blahs all around and contagious, it seems. Veidt’s robe looks like a deflated shark or a failed attempt to make a Puffy Shirt from Seinfeld…

  2. The least blah I ever saw was Felicia Farr in 3.10 TO YUMA emerging from her back room moment with Glenn Ford. Glenn didnt look too blah either. No wonder he topped Van Heflin in the stairdown. Van’s missus (Leora Dana) hadnt done a thing for poor Van.

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