Silent Movie Bluray and DVD Haul: Masterpiece, part-talkie and trashy cover edition

Please excuse the tardiness of this. I have been meaning to post it for a while but couldn’t find a hole in my schedule. Anyway, better late than never. Behold my loot!

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Rhapsody in Blu

Kino Lorber Blurays! Kino Lorber Blurays!

What’s better than a silent movie? A silent movie in HD, that’s what! My haul includes four Blurays, three from Fritz Lang and one from John Ford.

(I’ve already covered the Lang Blurays in unboxing posts here and here. I told you this post was way late. As always, I think Kino for the review copies.)

We have the new edition of Destiny:


The new Bluray version of John Ford’s 3 Bad Men:

3-bad-menI will be going into more detail about 3 Bad Men in a dedicated unboxing post. The audio commentary by Joseph McBride is a big selling point and I want to be able to provide details. Look for it in the next few days.

Next, we have the Bluray release of Fritz Lang’s The Spiders:


And the new two-disc set of Dr. Mabuse:


How random can we get?

And now for the DVDs. It’s a rather mixed bag this time and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I got a really good deal on a used copy of The Finances of the Grand Duke, a movie I do not actually like but want to own so I can have footage of Max Schreck hanging around a sunny beach.


(Much though I generally love Harry Liedtke and F.W. Murnau, this bizarre Lubitsch wannabe just falls flat.)

Next, a double feature from the Danish Film Institute. (The disc is a region 0 PAL, so be sure you can play it before you order. I use the VLC player on my laptop and it plays just fine. The intertitles are dual-language Danish and English.) This release contains two 1910s Danish sci-fi films, The End of the World and A Trip to Mars.

himmelskibet-dvdNext, an acclaimed classic from Warner Archive, White Shadows in the South Seas:


Another Warner Archive title, The Man and the Moment. A part-talkie with Billie Dove and Rod La Rocque with a screenplay by Agnes Christine Johnston (Show People)? Yes, please!

man-and-the-momentNext, a couple of titles from Alpha. Now Alpha is a budget outfit and their stuff is usually pretty poor. I usually only purchase from them if a title is unavailable elsewhere.

First, we have Anita Stewart in Human Desire. Stewart was one of the top stars a century ago but her films are very hard to obtain.

human-desireAnd Harrison Ford and Pauline Garon in The Average Woman (with a rather NSFW cover). It’s a romantic comedy with flappers and gangsters and such.


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  1. That is NOT The Average Woman. She made my neck hurt when I scrolled down and did a triple-double double-take. OW. I blame the shoes. And maybe witchcraft. Also… Harrison Ford is REALLY old, huh? ;D

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