Where in the world are you? An informal poll.

Okay, this is sheer nosiness on my part but I am kind of curious to know where my readers are from. With that in mind, I made a little poll.

If the poll does not display below, here is a direct link. Enjoy!

Note: This poll is purely for fun and not for marketing or anything like that. Feel free to share extra details in the comments but don’t feel pressured to do so.

16 Replies to “Where in the world are you? An informal poll.”

    1. Quite so! Australia can properly lay claim to the first fiction feature, I believe. Ha! Take that, rest of the world!

      It could be an interesting topic. My African-American cinema set has several titles that were funded by religious groups. I just tend to be a little shy about the topic because I would hate to accidentally cause offense.

      P.S. That’s not intended to mean I am intimidated or silenced. Rather, I would hate to inadvertently make someone feel bad.

  1. It is my dearest dream (one of them, at least) to see a silent film, accompanied by live music…but I’d have to go a bit of a distance. It’s going to happen, though! πŸ™‚

  2. Born in rural Quebec (La Belle Province!)

    Attended U of T as undergrad-

    Move for grad school to the City of Lost Angels, stayed there to further career-

    Currently reside with dear partner on Central Cali Coast.

  3. I’m Swedish. Our golden age of film was during the silent era. I just recently discovered your blog and I love it!

  4. Hello from Michigan! Here in the Detroit area, there are a few theaters that play classic and the occasional silent movie – two even have the original theater organs. One theater is in a college town, and it’s great to see students enjoying movies that came out before their grandparents were born.

    Keep up the good work!

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