Silent movie people handling disputes in a calm, measured, mature manner

A true measure of maturity is how well one handles disputes. These silent movie people did so with grace and intelligence. (I’m lying.)

mabel-at-the-wheel-charlie-stranglesCharlie Chaplin performs his best Ford Sterling impression in Mabel at the Wheel. Mabel Normand rejected his advances, you see, and he is out for revenge. The irony is that this behavior is far more mature than what Chaplin did on the set. He threw a royal tantrum when Mabel got to direct and he didn’t. (I have all the details in my full-length review.)

muddy-romance-cursesSpeaking of Sterling, here is the genuine article in A Muddy Romance. Mabel Normand has rejected his advances and so he is about to dunk her in a muddy lake. The more things change… (Read my review here.)

manhandled-1924-gloria-swanson-silent-movie-dealing-with-pomposityGloria Swanson has no respect for the chain of command in Manhandled. She plays a sassy shop girl and you had better not interfere with her days off. (Read my review here.)

naughty-boy-slapLupino Lane gets more than he bargained for when he poses as a kid in Naughty Boy. The female of the species is more deadly than the male. (Read my review here.)

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