Classic Movie History Project: Day 4 Recap

Welcome to the day four recap of the Classic Movie History Project. You can catch up on previous recaps here. Enjoy!

We’ve plunged a bit deeper into the nerdy end of the pool today and we may be small but we’re mighty!

What happens when a designer and a star are in perfect harmony? Cinema Cities takes us on a tour of The Fashionable Friendship of Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy. You simply must read it!

Ready for something to cool you down this summer? Phyllis Loves Classic Movies investigates with It’s Snowing! Making Celluloid Winter Wonderlands. Technical details on the frosty landscapes of classic film, fascinating stuff!

michael-strogoff-02What are the ingredients for the perfect opening scene? That’s what I discuss when I dissect the beginning of my most favoritest silent film, Michael Strogoff, which also contains some of the most splendid editing of the silent era.

As a special bonus, I have video of the scene in question, which is awesome as Strogoff has never been released on DVD, Bluray, via streaming or anything. This is your chance to see the film I keep raving about, guys!

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  1. Hepburn is sheer class and it was helped immensely by that fashion icon. I have not heard of this film but I would love to see day if possible.

  2. FYI, the link goes to your 2014 review of “Michael Strogoff” and not to your article “Cossacks and Crinoline: Creating the perfect opening scene”.

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