Classic Movie History Project: Day 1 Recap

Welcome to the Day 1 recap of the Classic Movie History Project! Today, we’re focusing on the studio system and its publicity machine. Fabulous stuff!

We start with Silver Screenings and an examination of the studio system at its very roots. The Studio System: Art as Industry is a must-read!

Once Upon a Screen takes a look at the saucy goings-on as the film industry went about Fighting Censorship Before the Code. Oo-la-la!

Next, Old Hollywood films covers the most memorable aspect of classic film: the star system. The Star Machine takes a look at the happy endings and horror stories of Hollywood’s dream factory.

Caftan Woman takes us on an outing to Hal Roach and the Lot of Fun, examining the origins of that important comedy studio. Fans of Laurel and Hardy, Our Gang and the rest of the Roach roster will not want to miss this!

Meanwhile, Big V Riot Squad takes us back to the 1910s and examines movie theaters in a decade that saw them go from nickelodeons to palaces. A marvelous pictorial post!

Presumably this meal is followed by a brief but bloody civil war.
Presumably this meal is followed by a brief but bloody civil war.

What about marketing those stars? I take you on a whirlwind tour of an eccentric topic, Edible Stardom: The joy of vintage celebrity cookbooks. We look at Bing Crosby’s Bisquick and muse upon what exactly Spaghetti a la Fascisti is and whether it will rule western Europe with an iron fist.


6 Replies to “Classic Movie History Project: Day 1 Recap”

  1. All these links are wonderful- thanks so much for posting. One of my heroes, the great Hal Roach, gets his due from Caftan Woman, so a particularly loud huzzah to that site!

    LOVE you cookbook post! I’ve got a bazillion old cookbooks (inherited or scavenged) and use/refer to them frequently. Favorites we’ve acquired include The Brown Derby Cookbook and The Old World Kitchen. None of stars’ recipes, unfortunately, but I can get my fix of those from Movies Silently! In fact, we’re doing heirlooms stuffed with crab and chopped salad tonight for a birthday buffet, and it’s pretty much ala Jeanie MacPherson.

    Definitely doing ’em with cayenne and a dash of Sriracha ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Glad your enjoying! Yes, old cookbooks are the most fun you can have without committing a misdemeanor. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure our friend Jeanie Macpherson would not object to a little extra spice. She strikes me as a hot sauce kinda gal.

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