Silent Movie Haul: Wild, weird and synchronized sound

Trying out something new! I’ve noticed that people enjoy unboxings and hauls and so I am going to share my latest haul of silent movies. Hope you like it!

haul-1I hit the online bargain racks and came away with two individual films on DVDs and a collection that is labeled as Wild & Weird.

wild and weirdThis one’s from Flicker Alley. As you probably know by now, I am a sucker for weird and so this collection has my name on it. It’s a collection of fourteen films scored by the Alloy Orchestra, one of the more modern concerns in silent movie music. I already have some of the films in other sets but am looking forward to the scores.

(Click here for more information or to purchase the collection.)

noahs arkI’ve seen this film before (looooooooooong time ago) but I wanted to add it to my collection as I do love my mainstream Hollywood epics. Directed by Michael Curtiz, Noah’s Ark was an attempt to out-DeMille DeMille on his home turf. Especially interesting for students of the sound transition.

(Click here for details or to purchase.)


Another sound transition era film from Warner Archive. The Pagan made Ramon Novarro’s career all over again, that fella could sing! It’s an entry into the South Seas sub-genre that was so popular in the mid- and late-1920s.

(Get the details or purchase here.)

So that’s my haul! Don’t be surprised if some of these films show up in the review pipeline sometime soon.

10 Replies to “Silent Movie Haul: Wild, weird and synchronized sound”

  1. What only three in the haul? Of course I guess I should ask – how many hauls in a month?

    1. Ha! Yeah, it’s a fairly small one. How many hauls depends on what catches my eye. I think my record is 15 individual discs (not part of sets). I have a larger book haul but I haven’t unpacked it yet so…

  2. The second comment re “Wild and Weird” on Amazon seems to miss the point somewhat.

    Thinking of modern scores I have a dream that one of those Russian oligarchs will fund a re-recording of the Prokofiev score and complete ADR and FX re-lay for “Nevsky.” Heaven knows it’s nationalistic enough.

    1. Amazon reviews are pretty much a study in missing the point. So many people are shocked to find that silent movies are silent movies. Sigh…

      Absolutely agree regarding Nevsky. I mean, Stalin is the one who insisted on the sub-standard recording equipment. I know it’s one of his lesser crimes in the grand scheme of things but still…

  3. That is a great collection of films you have here and it’s so wonderful when one finds these gems…I feel like a kid. Love to hear Ramon Novarro sing. When I see Noah’s Ark I can’t help but think of the disaster and the people and animals that were injured and killed. I hear Viola Dana talking from my film series called Hollywood. ( notice I say my…hahahaa)

  4. Wild and Weird is a great set – The Playhouse is a gorgeous print, and the set includes Cameraman’s Revenge, which is hard to find otherwise. Hope you enjoy it.

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