Poll: What’s your favorite flavor of silent film?

Here’s a question: if you had to decide, what flavor of silent film would you say you enjoy the most? Not the “best” or the most famous but the films that you watch for the sheer pleasure of watching.

We’re going to find out today with a new poll! Remember to vote with your heart, not your head. This is about love and enjoyment, not objective quality, which isn’t so objective anyway.

A quick note: These categories are not official or anything. They are simply divisions that I have noticed over the years but my mind tends to work in strange ways. You may have a specific category that you prefer and please feel free to share it in the comments but also be sure to vote for a runner-up! This poll is just for fun so let’s relax and enjoy ourselves.

18 Replies to “Poll: What’s your favorite flavor of silent film?”

  1. Fun! I can think of a few categories that might be added: Westerns, situational comedies, actualities – but these worked well enough for my purposes.

  2. Gosh this was hard but I went with horror/fantasy although comedy is another but then again I love a good drama. This was very difficult

  3. I am an absolute sucker for Newsreels and actuality footage. If find it such a unique and pleasant stroll to take of the early part of the 20th century Great poll question by the way.

  4. Guess I’m too fussy, but all comedies aren’t slapstick. Where on your list would you put Raymond Griffith and Mr. and Mrs. Drew?

    1. Yes, you are. This is not designed to be a list of every single silent genre, just some sub-genres that I have noticed have particularly strong fanbases.

  5. I like Buster Keaton and I cannot lie.

    But since most of my silent movie watching is with my kid, my tastes may change as he grows up.

  6. Your poll got me wondering: what sorts of movies wouldn’t fit into one of these categories. Were there documentaries? Did newsreels start that early? WWI Propaganda films? Were there silent “adult” movies?

    1. All of the above but I limited the poll to sub-genres that have a particularly strong modern following. For example, bucolic tales of country boys in the city had a vogue in the 1910s but they’re not exactly anyone’s top choice today.

    1. Yes, just like I love Laurel & Hardy but my default silent movie viewing is mainstream Hollywood dramas. Funny how that works out, actors vs. genre, I mean.

  7. Romance (swoon) for me, but I can love comedies and dramas just as quickly. It all depends on the film. In all honesty, I go for any genre if William Boyd stars. 😉 This poll was a fun idea, Fritzi! Well done. 🙂

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