Your handy-dandy road map to Movies Silently

As my site gets bigger, it’s easy for older content to get lost in the shuffle. I have almost 250 silent film reviews and hundreds of other posts besides so I decided to make a list that will help newer readers dig through and find posts that are on the more mature side. Enjoy!

For general silent film knowledge:

Silent Movies 101 cover basic topics in a beginner-friendly format.

For beginner recommendations:

Your First Year of Silent Films is a series designed to give readers the widest possible experience in weekend-size bites.

For recipes:

All my silent era recipes and taste tests are here.

For video reviews:

Yep, I do video reviews. They’re right here.

For myth-busting:

I attack silent movie myths with this series.

For discussing silents vs. talkies:

I pit silent films against talkie remakes and ripoffs.

If you are alphabetical:

I have all my reviews listed here from A-Z.

If you are hierarchical:

I have my reviews ranked from worst film to best.

If you want talkies:

Yes, I do review talkies!

If you like lists:

Here they are!

I will also be working on a guide for my Featured Star picks and my past movie and video picks of the week. Enjoy!


A quick note about older posts: I changed WordPress themes last year and a few posts have old short codes and weird layout issues. I am slowly but surely working my way through and should have everything shipshape before too long but I wanted to give everyone a heads up.