A collection of silent movie people getting WAY too excited about illegal activities

Who says crime never pays? They have clearly never seen a silent movie, that’s for sure! This is my collection of silent movie people generally misbehaving and having a good time!

As usual, I will list the source for each GIF and link to my review.



This is from The Mystery of the Leaping Fish, in which Douglas Fairbanks plays a detective noted for his love of recreational pharmaceuticals.  Read my review here.

Public intoxication!


The first title card is a little faded but it says “Pinch me” which is very funny. The young lady with the pompom on her head is Norma Talmadge and this is from The Social Secretary, which also features Erich von Stroheim as a paparazzo. Read my review here.



Ramon Novarro is into death in The Prisoner of Zenda. He also looks like he has borrowed that little canister of opium from Doug a couple of GIFs back. Read my review here.


sheik-rudolph-valentino-agnes-ayres-silent-movie-takes-herRudolph Valentino seems to think kidnapping is a droll lark, what what. His excuse seems odd as (spoiler alert!) the movie ends with the revelation that he is Spanish-English, which he was aware of the whole time. The GIF is from The Sheik, of course, and you can read my full-length review here.


spies-yumLin Deyers has a mission in Spies and she pretty thrilled about it. A little too thrilled about it. Hey, has EVERYONE been taking that Fairbanks opium? I thought so. You can read my review of Spies here.

Killing rabbits and feeding them to their owners!

soul-of-the-beast-I-kill-himWait, what?


I think we should stop now. (This is from The Soul of the Beast. You can read my review here.)

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  1. My favorite part in The Sheik is when Raoul is like, “You know, kidnapping girls makes them sad.” And then Ahmed is like, “Nahhh, she is content– she likes it!”

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