Upcoming Events: I have cunning plans (and you’re going to love ’em)

A lot of things are in the pipeline right now and so I thought I would do one big post to discuss them all. Enjoy!


Due to some personal issues, I had to step back from blogathons, both as a host and as a participant. Now that my life has somewhat returned to normal, I’m back in the saddle!

ice-cream-social-bannerI’m hosting the Classic Movie Ice Cream Social, a blogathon dedicated to spreading good cheer. Participants will be sharing their feel-good films, movie memories and delicious recipes. I am back in my test kitchen with silent star ice cream concoctions!

Hey, don’t you owe us a recipe book?


Right you are! I promised to publish all the recipe entries for my silent star sandwich contest. I will be laying them out in a PDF for easy download and printing. However, this being the busy time of year for my particular type of graphic design… I’m a little burned out. I spent all of March laying out 60+ pages of electronic components in a manner that surprises and charms. This is not easy and I’m exhausted. So, I am going to take a slight break but I should have that PDF for you in the next few weeks. Sorry for the delay.

More films from a collector’s secret stash


Last month, I had the privilege of reviewing The School for Scandal, thanks to the generosity of Christopher Bird, who shared his 9.5mm print. The film was subsequently posted to YouTube and it seems that my readers rather enjoyed the project.

Well, we’re going in for another helping of private collection goodness! This round will be even more exciting as the films are being professionally transferred. And, yes, you will get to see them too, hurrah!

I won’t give away the titles of the films (that would be cheating) but I will give one hint: Albatros.


No, not that kind! I’m referring to the Russian-run French studio, home to Ivan Mosjoukine and others.

Exact scheduling is up in the air but it should be sometime this summer.

My 250th Review

I’ll be reviewing the epic French serial, Les Vampires! Look for the post in May.

4 Replies to “Upcoming Events: I have cunning plans (and you’re going to love ’em)”

  1. Yay! I watched Les Vampires last month and thought it was a lot of fun, so I’m looking forward to your review. Love the Python reference too. 🙂

  2. Review #250? Big Congratulations in advance!

    It sounds like you’ve been absolutely swamped with work- the double edged sword of “yay, I need the $$$” versus “drat, I need extra hours in the day.” Very much looking forward to the Sandwich Recipe Cook Book when it arrives, but please do take your time- positive it will be well worth the wait!

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