The best silent movie bookworm GIFs!

One of the sillier excuses for not trying silent films: “I don’t want to read!”

Oh dear.

I always like to say that silent films occupy a realm somewhere between sound films and novels. Both your imagination and your eyes are engaged and it’s a fun little exercise for the brain.

Silent films often included reading scenes and we are going to be looking at some of them. As usual, I will list the GIF sources and link to my reviews. Enjoy!

camille-readingSometimes it’s not what you read, it’s how you read it. Methinks Rudolph Valentino is doing much to increase literacy. Nazimova is certainly enjoying it. (This is from Camille, read my review here.)

hotel-imperial-good-bookHaving someone read to you is lovely but when you’re as fabulous as Pola Negri, you can enjoy a book all by itself. (This is from Hotel Imperial, read my review here.)

wildcat-readingThough letters seem to give Miss Negri trouble. Maybe the handwriting is just poor. (This is from The Wildcat, read my review here.)

chicago-1927-shutup-so-a-lady-can-readThis young lady may be in prison but that doesn’t mean she ain’t got no class. (This is from Chicago, read my review here.)

that-certain-thing-some-of-us-have-work-to-doI’m sure you think what you have to say is important but Viola Dana has important work to do. Page turn! (This is from That Certain Thing. Read my review here.)

tarzan-of-the-apes-readingOne of the more obscure details of Tarzan’s background is that he taught himself to read with an alphabet book. Oh yeah, suuuuure. (The is from the 1918 version of Tarzan of the Apes. Read my review here.)

garden-of-eden-newspaperThe talented Maude George was one of the more intriguing newspaper readers of the silent era. (This is from The Garden of Eden. Read my review here.)

captain-january-dictionarySmall child + high reading level = trouble! Especially if there is a dictionary in the house. Oh dear! (This is from Captain January. Read my review here.)

Reminds me of a joke:

Scold: Mr. Webster, why did you include these filthy words in your dictionary?

Webster: What were you doing looking them up?

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