In which I gush outrageously on video about my favorite silent film actress

Some of my newer readers may not know this but I also make video reviews of silent films. I wanted to share a couple oldies-but-goodies with you.

You have probably figured out that I am a huge fan of Pola Negri and I have covered two of her best American films in video format. I hope you enjoy!

First, we have a WWI POW romance with Clive Brook as Negri’s co-star.

Barbed Wire is available on DVD and is one of my favorite silent films of all time. So, yeah, I recommend it. 😉 You can also read my print review here.

And now for a saucy comedy about a tattooed countess and the sanctimonious reformer who falls for her charms.

A Woman of the World is also available on DVD and really is smashing fun. You can read my print review here.

And isn’t Pola great? Versatile and equally at home in comedy or drama, she also has the bonus of driving the silent movie nutbirds insane! “But, but, but she had the NERVE to date a silent movie star I have a crush on! Call the police! Burn her at the stake!” It is hil-ar-i-ous! And Pola fans respond like so:


Because of course we do! We’re not nutbirds. Well, we are but harmless. Mostly.

By the way, several readers have asked and so I will answer it here: Yes, I will be returning to video reviews. Over the past year and a half, my voice has been questionable. Even tiny colds or allergies make me lose it and it takes forever to come back. (I have pretty much no immune system.) However, things seem to be stabilizing and I hope to have a new review up for you next month. I won’t reveal all but I will say that it will be a silent movie kitsch classic.

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  1. I loved Barbed Wire! I thought the love story was treated with grace and intelligence which we often don’t see today. I still have to see the second one but it’s on my list. You did a great review! It felt very professional, one that I could need in. Documentary

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