The five best silent movie GIFs that every internet user needs

A picture is worth a thousand words? Then a GIF is worth a million! Fans of this site will know that I love me some GIFs but some are particularly useful for snark, social media interactions and just plain fun.

Here are my five absolute favorite GIFs for online interactions:

I’m so excited!


Who can resist Anna Sten? Don’t answer that! (But do try to track down her pre-Hollywood work, it’s charming.) This GIF is good for emotions like “I won the lottery!” It’s from The Girl with the Hat Box (read my review here) in which Anna… wins the lottery.

Use it for: Any interaction that requires joy and/or excitement.

Hoo boy.


Marion Davies had one of the most hilariously expressive faces of all the silent movie comedians and here is one of her very best moments. It’s from Little Old New York (read my review here), which is a pretty bad movie with a pretty amazing performance from Davies.

Use it for: Pretty much anything on the internet.

Aww, shucks.

two-arabian-knights-aw-shucksLouis Wolheim’s cuddly mug is one of the greatest in film history and he was in rare form in Two Arabian Knights, a Howard Hughes-produced action-comedy bromance. (read my review here)

Use it for: Any time someone says something sweet.

I need a drink.


Pola Negri is not having the best day. It’s WWI, the enemy armies have invaded and she’s kinda dating a spy. We’ve all been there. This is from Hotel Imperial, a wartime romance directed by Mauritz Stiller. (read my review here)

Use it for: It’s been one of those days.



Mary Pickford thinks you’re full of hot air and she’s right. This is from M’Liss. As you can see from the intertitle, anyone who thinks that Miss Pickford exclusively played saccharine heroines should be properly ashamed. (read my review here)

Use it for: Come on, it’s the internet.


P.S. Yes, you can use my GIFs, they are all watermarked, but linking back to me (if possible/practical) would be really cool. Thanks and have fun with them!

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  1. Marion doesn’t even look like the Hearst Marion. I could use a drink could pop up in just about anything especially when I dated that spy:)

  2. So great to see Louis Wolheim get a little appreciation. He is usually forgotten but his performances were always enjoyable to watch

    1. I’m a big fan! In addition to being a great character actor and a loud and proud Yiddish speaker, he also is one of the most GIF-able silent actors. What’s not to love?

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