The Backstage Blogathon is a go!

The Backstage Blogathon has launched! We already have some wonderful participation and we truly thank you for joining out little shindig. My co-host for the event is Janet of Sister Celluloid, who uses her blog to share her love of classic film in general and velvet-voiced British actors in particular. If you are not following her already, you should start. (Online, that is.)


We’re doing something a little different this time around: day-end wrap-ups! Several other hosts have done it and it seems like an excellent way to give the event some breathing space and draw more attention to individual posts. Here’s how it will work:

We will gather up all the bloggers who posted today and post a nice list tomorrow. Janet and I will take turns with the recaps. Since I am odd anyway, I will handle days 1 and 3, she will handle days 2 and 4.

Participants: Post anytime in the next four days and you’re good to go! Easy, right? It’s also very sweet if you visit other participants and/or give them a little plug on social media. It would be a blogging good deed. When you link back to the event, go ahead and use this page as I will be adding links to all the recaps. Think of this as our central hub.

Readers: Come right back here tomorrow for the intriguing recap of all of today’s posts. As I said before, some really good stuff has already been posted and we can’t wait to share. (Did I mention than in addition to picking fascinating topics, our participants are also killer writers?)


Of course, both Janet and I will be advertising everyone’s hard work on social media so be sure to follow us, if you don’t already. (Online, online, what do you think this is?)


Day 1 Recap (Movies Silently)

Day 2 Recap (Sister Celluloid)

Day 3 Recap (Movies Silently)

Day 4 Recap (Sister Celluloid)

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  1. Fritzi, very sorry but I have to back out .. feel terrible seeing that my topic was the cover image. I had surgery a few weeks ago and just have not gotten back into the blogging groove and have had to cancel all blogathons. I will do what I can to support it on social media.

  2. Both of my posts went up today. One has gotten a very good response so far since I’ve tied it in with another blogging event. The other has not gotten too many visits yet, but that’s usually the case for that blog. Maybe your recap will draw some more viewers for both.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out
    Wrote By Rote

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