The Silent Movie Makeover Tutorial (Look Like a Movie Star!) Part 2

Last time, we took a look at makeup, perfume and primping to achieve that silent movie star glamour. This time, we will be observing silent stars and their glorious fashions. How many of these tips can you use in your daily life?

Tip 1: Be patient


Fashion takes time. (This is from The Godless Girl)

Tip 2: Check for sheerness


You can never be too careful. (This is from Bare Knees)

Tip 3: Keep it simple


Too many accessories (like flowers on a hat) can kill the look. (This is from Barney Oldfield’s Race for a Life)

Tip 4: But don’t be afraid to experiment


Bold choices are rewarded! (This is from Mantrap)

Tip 5: Primping isn’t just for women


Adjust your accouterments to look your best. (This is from Miss Mend)

Tip 6: Ask a friend for help


They may notice something you missed. (This is from Burlesque on Carmen)

Tip 7: Celluloid collars are O-U-T out!


Phew! (This is from Max Sets the Style)

Tip 8: When in doubt, attempt shapeshifting


It worked for William S. Hart. (This is from The Bargain)

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