110 Replies to “Announcement: The “Try it, you’ll like it!” Blogathon”

  1. Patrick Murtha of Book ’em, Danno! here, putting in a claim on King Vidor’s “The Crowd,” which changed my world when I saw it as a teenager on WNET (PBS) in New York in the early 1970s. What I want to know is, why does the film only seem to be currently available as a Spanish DVD? I’ll have to write about it from memory, but my memory of it is sharp.

  2. I’ll join in! I was going to call 12 Angry Men because I have been meaning to watch that but I see it’s already been claimed. 🙁 So instead I’ll review Some Like It Hot.

  3. Hi Fritzi. Great idea. I like sharing my love of old movies. I’d like to do The Great K&A Train Robbery with Tom Mix. My blog is The Big V Riot Squad.

  4. I’d like to go overseas and do Wild Strawberries bt Bergman. Not only is it a good gateway to classic foreign film, but it is also a gateway to surrealism. Great idea!

    1. It’s from A Cottage on Dartmoor, also known as “So what if he’s a homicidal barber who attacks people with straight razors? It’s all her fault for not daaaaating him!”

    1. Found you from Carrie-Anne’s blog. I’d like to sign up for this blogfest. I’ll write about Bing Crosby’s Here Comes the Groom, a movie set just as WWII is ending. The music that comes from it might surprise some people. I’m at Play off the Page

      Thanks! What fun.

  5. I’d like to clame Underworld (1927)

    I don’t normally write film reviews on my blog, but I really like this blogathlon. And I loved Underwolrd (guess where my handle comes from 😉 )

  6. LOVE the idea that this will create a handy guide for the doubters, and so many great films have been selected. Please sign me up for It Happened One Night.
    Thanks Fritzi, looking forward to it!

  7. Fritzi, I had the same idea for a blogathon for January, and posted mine before I realized you’d saved me the trouble! (I’ll come up with another blogathon for later on.) Has anyone claimed Ace in the Hole?

      1. Hi Fritzi, I hate to do this but I can’t wing a blog post right now. This is such a great blogathon topic though and I hope that I can partake in another blogathon in the future. So sorry!!!

  8. Can I do Safety Last!? My primary blog is called Welcome to My Magick Theatre. It’s primarily focused on my historical fiction writing and books, but I’ve been featuring a lot more reviews of silent and early sound films.

  9. I posted a comment, but it disappeared and well, never got a reply. So I’m giving another try. If it’s still not too late to subscribe, I’d like to go with Chaplin’s Modern Times.

  10. Hello film lovers! My name is Sarah and my blog is The Basement Tan. I’d love to write about The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) for this fantastic event, of you’re still taking contributors.

  11. Hi Fritzi ~ I’m bringing up the rear with asking if I may be included in this gateway fest by doing an overview of Preston Sturges? I might have a few lines on “The Lady Eve” and “Palm Beach Story” but nothing in depth seeing as you’ve got two bloggers covering these two great Sturges films. My blog is CineMaven’s Essays From the Couch ( https://cinemavensessaysfromthecouch.wordpress.com/ )

      1. SO we talked it over and we’re doing more of a single title thing. Would you like to claim another Sturges film? Sullivan’s Travels or I Married a Witch, perhaps?

  12. I hear ya. Then I’d better pass then this go ’round. But this is a grand idea and will defintely be reading what folks thinks are good films to bring someone into the fold. Thanks for the response.

  13. Hey, I have unfortunate news: I need to drop out of the blogathon. I hate to do it, but my laptop got a virus and I can’t get it fixed in time to finish my post and make the deadline. So, sadly, Love Letters to Old Hollywood’s post on Kiss Me, Kate will have to wait for another day. I’ll be sure to read the entries on my phone, though, and support the event!

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