Help Wanted: You choose my reviews

Update: I have had a few readers mention that their request forms did not go through. If you submitted requests in the form and do not see them below, please leave a comment or email to let me know what they were. I have removed the submission form for now so it doesn’t eat more requests. Feel free to request films via email, comments or Twitter. Thank you for your patience!

I’m going to be having another Reader Request theme month and I’m asking you to help me select the films that I will be reviewing. Is there a movie you’ve been wanting me to get around to? Do tell!

I have held two reader request events and had a great time with both of them. (Here is the first event and the second, should you wish to enjoy previous selections.) If you are new around here, this is how it will work:

Tell me the films, stars or directors you would like to see covered. (Here is my alphabetical index, if you want to check to see if your film of choice was already reviewed.)

I will look through the requests and select four films for review. I usually look to cover a wide variety of pictures. Popular and obscure, Hollywood and foreign, funny and serious. The theme month will be held in March of 2016.

Easy, isn’t it? I really and truly appreciate your feedback and take your requests very seriously. These events help me spot thin areas of my silent film coverage and you’re helping me to make my website more complete than ever.

So go ahead! Request away!

Note: I held a poll to determine which film would be my 200th review. Ben-Hur came in just ahead of It (1927). Since the contest was so close, I have decided to review It for the Reader Request month.

Update: Please don’t feel that you are limited to only three requests. If you have more films in mind, share them by all means.

Requests Received:

Emily requested Ozu’s silent film work and La Boheme

Jill requested Down to the Sea in Ships

Larisa requested The Saga of Gosta Berling

Nina requested The Big Parade, Broken Blossoms and Flesh and the Devil

Nathaniel requested Lilac Time

Donnie requested Traffic in Souls, La Souriante Madame Beudet and Man with a Movie Camera

Juan requested I Flunked But… and Madame Butterfly (1915)

Dulcy requested A Pair of Silk Stockings and The Affairs of Anantol

Pim requested The Unholy Three, Faust (1926) and The Hands of Orlac

Katrin requested Greed (4 hour version), Man with a Movie Camera and Ingeborg Holm

Cathy requested Bolero

Liz requested The Toll of the Sea

Leah requested All Night

Paul requested Slipping Wives, On the Front Page and The Docks of New York

Steve requested The General

MIB requested Potseluy Meri Pikford, The Last Laugh and Blancanieves

James requested J’accuse

Jes requested Spies and Woman in the Moon

Rosalie requested Metropolis, Sally of the Sawdust, Pandora’s Box and The Blot

Lilian requested Enchantment, Spies and The Hands of Orlac

Carter requested Sunrise, Terje Vigen and Speedy

Josh requested Piccadilly and Les Vampires

Hala requested Camille or other work by Alla Nazimova

Christy requested To Be or Not to Be and Joan of Paris

Antony requested Through the Back Door, Street Angel and The Toll of the Sea

James requested Nanook of the North and Man with a Movie Camera

Hanna requested The Man Who Laughs

Make a Request

You can either leave a comment on this post or email me.

23 Replies to “Help Wanted: You choose my reviews”

  1. My vote is for Traffic in Souls, that fascinating curio from 1913.
    Second choice: La Souriante Madame Beudet (1922)
    Third choice: Man with a Movie Camera (1929)

    Thanks for allowing suggestions! And thanks for the handy alphabetized list of previous reviews!

  2. Please review Silk Stockings, with Harrison Ford; or Hawthorne of the USA or The Affairs of Anatol, with Wallace Reid. Thank you!

  3. I’ve already put down my three, but do you think you could replace my third choice (Pandora’s Box, 1929) with The Blot (1921). It’s a harder film to find, and I’ve been really curious about Lois Weber’s body of work. And to hear your opinion of course!

    1. Hi there! I don’t see your submission in my inbox so would you be able to tell me your other choices? And please don’t feel that you have to limit yourself. I only put three spaces in the form so that people wouldn’t feel pressured to come up with a long list. So you can request four films if you like. I’ll put down Pandora’s Box and The Blot and will add the other two films when you tell me what they are.

      (If you do see The Blot, have plenty of tissues handy!)

  4. I had the form eat my reviews too. But I think on my fourth try it went through! Spies, Hands of Orlac and Enchantment!

  5. Would love to read your take on a couple of WWII era movies – the first is To Be Or Not To Be. That film is quirky and glamorous, but everything I read on it seems to take it as farcical. Other than the final scene (which definitely has that vibe), I found it surprisingly compelling. I really liked the story and particularly Lombard.

    The other film is “Joan of Paris” with Michele Morgan. I sae this film and couldn’t imagine why it was not up there with Casablanca. The suspense of the time were displayed so well in both films and I would love to see them get more exposure.

  6. My nominations are.-

    1) Through The Back Door (1921) with Mary Pickford and co-directed by her brother Jack!
    2) Street Angel (1928) with Janet Gaynor.
    3) The Toll Of The Sea (1922) with Anna May Wong and in colour!

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