An Empowered Day 2 of the Anti-Damsel Blogthon!

Well, we got off to a rip-snorter of a start with Saturday’s crew (read all about it here) and we’re going to try to be just as exciting today. Enjoy, kids!

Real-life Anti-Damsels

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies | Francis Marion, an Anti-Damsel

Legendary screenwriter Francis Marion gets a loving tribute.


Smitten Kitten Vintage | Mary Pickford

Actress, businesswoman, producer, superstar, Mary Pickford did it all!

Silent-ology | Polly, Minta and Louise–Three Unsung Keystone Ladies

Keystone wasn’t all about cops! A look at three talented comediennes from the studio’s peak.

Sister Celluloid | Margaret Dumont– Who Always Got the Joke

Myths are busted about the talented and (yes) self-aware Marx Brothers straight woman.


Smitten Kitten Vintage | Clara Bow

The one, the only Clara Bow! Flapper and anti-damsel extraordinaire.

Big V Riot Squad | The Exploits of Pearl (Pearl White)

Top serial queen (the old word for “action star”) gets the recognition she deserves!

Silver Screenings | Alice Guy: Entertaining Since 1896

Alice Guy wasn’t just one of the first female directors. She was one of the first directors, period.

Speakeasy | Leigh Brackett

She wrote in “men’s” genres like westerns, sci-fi and hard-boiled mysteries. Now Leigh Brackett is getting her due.


Hear Me Talk of Sin | The Life of Pola Negri

The much-maligned Polish superstar is celebrated and defended!

Wide Screen World | Gloria Swanson

If you only know the glorious Gloria as Norma Desmond, you don’t know a fraction of her story!

Girls Do Film | June Mathis

Starmaker and glass ceiling breaker, Mathis was responsible for Rudolph Valentino’s rise to the top.

The Century Film Project | Mabel Normand: Pretty, but no damsel

The sugar on the Keystone grapefruit, Normand was a talented artist in her own right.

A Person in the Dark | Italian Screen Vamps: All for Love

The glorious, glamorous women of Italian silent film.

Anti-Damsels on the Screen

Film Dirt | Phyllis Gordon in Werewolf (1913)

The first-ever werewolf movie? Yes, indeed!

Nitrate Diva | Blue Jeans (1917)

The heroine saves the hero from a sawmill. What’s not to love?

MovieFanFare | Olive Thomas in The Flapper (1920)

We get a close look at one of the first flapper films and a brilliant life cut short.

Outspoken & Freckled | Mary Pickford in Sparrows (1926)

Mary takes on gators and gangsters in this southern gothic classic.


Vitaphone Dreamer | Katharine Hepburn & Ginger Rogers in Stage Door (1937)

It’s All About the Right Writing | Mary Astor in The Great Lie (1941)

Astor’s Oscar-winning performance skillfully deconstructed.

Once Upon a Screen | Barbara Stanwyck in The Lady Eve (1941) Crooked, but not Common

Poor Henry Fonda never knew what hit him.

Caftan Woman | Deborah Kerr in Vacation from Marriage (1945)

A mousy housewife joins the Royal Navy and an anti-damsel is created!

Cinematic Catharsis | Patricia Neal in The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

Gort, Klaatu barada… Oh, you know the rest!

Now Voyaging | Westward the Women (1952)

William Wellman, 200 women and an epic western.

Love Letters to Old Hollywood | Shirley MacLaine in Gambit (1966)

Shirley MacLaine baffles Michael Caine but she delights the viewers in this adorable romantic heist film.

Aperture Reviews | Katharine Hepburn in A Lion in Winter (1968)

Kate returns to play one of the ultimate historical anti-damsels!

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