You might want to mosey over to eBay…

I don’t normally announce events on the site but this is too good a cause to ignore. The Metzinger sisters of Silver Scenes are having an eBay auction that will include over 350 silent and classic movie stills and proceeds will be donated to the UCLA Film & Television Archive. Nice, huh? You get swell silent/classic movie merchandise and contribute to preservation of more films for future generations.

Here are the details:

The sale will begin Sunday, July 12 at 8:00 p.m. EST

The eligible items can be found here

No spending the rent money

Best of success to the Metzingers for this worthy cause!

6 Replies to “You might want to mosey over to eBay…”

  1. it’s a good thing my wallet is broken or I’d be scooping up some stills and later eat ramen made from a box of toothpicks dunked in a salt brine for a few hours. I’ll pass this info along to some folks with more disposable income and get them to perhaps spend some of that…

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