The New & Improved Review System

You may have noticed that my movie rating system has changed. For a while now, I have been using a percentage system with films scoring between 1% and 100%. A few weeks ago, I switched over to a simpler method.

From now on, my silent film reviews will use the star system. All films will score between one and five stars in half-star increments.

Why the change? Well, I am not a huge fan of overly precise scoring systems, they get too fussy, if that makes any sense. The star system put films into more general categories and doesn’t pit Film A (81%) against Film B (84%). Now, both films would score a solid four stars.

I am in the process of revising and reworking all my reviews with the new score system. As I am working in chronological order, my older reviews are going to be changed first. Please be patient as I foresee this process taking quite a few weeks to complete.

For easy reference, I am listing my reviews by their new score on one convenient page. Check back often as I will be updating. I hope the new layout makes for easier browsing.

For your convenience, here are the new scores and what they mean:

★ = Awful!

★½ = Bad

★★ = Meh

★★½ = Average or unexceptional

★★★ = Good

★★★½ = Very good

★★★★ = Splendid

★★★★½ = Breathtaking

★★★★★ = Masterpiece

Obviously, most films will fall into the ★★½  to ★★★★ range with the highest and lowest ranks being reserved for exceptional fare.

4 Replies to “The New & Improved Review System”

  1. Good scoring is hard to do. Too little gradation and you’re left giving the same rating to, say, Harry and the Hendersons and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Too much gradation and you’re trying to specify just why, sure, Nothing Lasts Forever is worth somewhere between 480 and 495 points out of 600 but who can say whether it’s on the high or the low side of 490?

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