And now, I attack with my patented Stare of Doom™ Animated GIF

No one could do the Stare of Doom better than Conrad Veidt. I mean, look at him! Are those death rays I see emanating from his ocular cavities?

Of course, part of what made Veidt’s Stare of Doom so good is that his characters were often deadly enough to back up the stare with some real, honest-to-goodness villainy. In this case, Veidt is about to introduce Paul Richter to his pet tigers. What’s the point of having a tiger pit if you can’t toss a romantic rival or two into it?

This is from The Indian Tomb, a two-part German epic with tigers and elephants and freeze-dried palm trees and more Conrad Veidt than you can shake a stick at.

(You can read my full-length review of The Indian Tomb here. I also cover Fritz Lang’s talkie remake.)

Availability: The Indian Tomb is available on DVD with English intertitles. The print is in very nice shape and the DVD features a synth score from Eric Beheim. This disc is now out-of-print but it’s worth tracking down a used copy.

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