Help Wanted: You choose my 200th review

Greetings, fellow silent film fans! I have some exciting news. Well, exciting to me. In just a little while, I will be posting my 200th silent film review. It’s a significant number and I wanted to do something special.

You may recall that for my 150th review, I covered The Phantom of the Opera and I want to choose a film with similar significance for #200. And so… I want you to vote and tell me which famous silent film will get the Movies Silently treatment.

Just vote below and I will review the winner!

(To vote, simply click the button beside the film of your choice, scroll down and click the vote button. Your vote won’t be tallied unless the second button gets pressed.)

The poll closes in seven days and I will publish the results soon after. Thanks for your help!

18 Replies to “Help Wanted: You choose my 200th review”

    1. I’ll do it eventually. I just need to prep myself for the backlash from Kim Novak fans because her behavior re: the infamous “rape” ad was appalling.

  1. I voted for IT But I loved the Artist I would like your take on the Modern Silent Movie My favorite Silent Movie is Godless Girl

  2. I saw it at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor with the score played on pipe organ. An unforgettable epic film.

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