“Pipe down, Bimbo!” Animated GIF

godless-girl-pipe-downWell, I guess she told her!

Here’s a tip. When in prison, don’t argue with the lady hacking off all your hair. It’s not likely to end well. Those scissors are sharp!

The Godless Girl is a wildly inconsistent melodrama that intersperses powerful images with rampant silliness. One constant thing is that Marie Prevost neatly manages to steal the show from leading lady Lina Basquette. It’s a nutty film but worth seeing because how often do you get to see Marie Prevost as a reform school tough-cute cookie?

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Availability: The Godless Girl was released on DVD as part of the wonderful (and now out-of-print ) box set Treasures III: Social Issues in American Film. If a used box comes along at a reasonable price, grab that sucker! So worth it.