“Farewell, cruel world!” cried Harold Lloyd. Animated GIF


Poor Harold Lloyd. Haunted Spooks has just started and he’s already lost another one of the only girls he ever loved. In an inky black bit of comedy, Lloyd attempts to do himself in. Of course, it wouldn’t be very funny if he succeeded and so his poor planning results in failure after failure.

This shows that just about anything can be funny if it is handled well. Lloyd employs the perfect light touch to make this very serious subject uproarious. (This was also the very first Harold Lloyd film I ever saw. Hurrah!)

You can read my review here.

Availability: Haunted Spooks is available from multiple sources. It is included as part of Slapstick Encyclopedia and was released on volume three of The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection. You can also find it in The Complete Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection, which includes all three separately-released volumes in one box.

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  1. Suicide as comedy was quite popular at the time. Buster Keaton also tried doing himself off in “Hard Luck.” Most infamously, Floyd Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse comics would indulge in this sort of humor, with Mickey even using some of Harold Lloyd’s gags!

  2. Love “Haunted Spooks!” Further proof that the Old, Dark House sub-genre doesn’t begin with “The Cat and the Canary.” Nor the wills-with-crazy-requirements genre, for that matter.

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