Dangerous Romances of the Silent Movies: Ramon Novarro and Enid Bennett. Animated GIF

red-lily-deep-in-loveThe Red Lily is a lurid drama of the Parisian underworld. No one has ever accused it of being cheery. However, the beginning is a bit deceptive as it starts out in the countryside.

Enid Bennett (very underrated, by the way) and Ramon Novarro play a pair of young lovers who are constantly in danger. At first, the danger mostly comes from their own ditziness. They’re so in love that they ignore little things like railroad crossings. Is it any wonder that the big city eats them alive?

Ramon Novarro fans (yay us!) will find much to love but do not neglect Enid Bennett. She played damsels in her two most famous films (The Sea Hawk and Robin Hood) but she was a formidable talent when she had something to work with.

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The Red Lily was released on DVD by Warner Archive. Lovely print. Smashing score.